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Atelier Kids Kindergarten

This authentic, inquiry-based program is a natural continuation of our Reggio-inspired early learning centre, and taught by OCT and R.ECE trained educators.

Our Core Beliefs remain the same . . .

  • Every child is born creative and full of potential.
  • We learn best when we are engaged.
  • Relationships are vital for growth and development.

Children learn through wonder and curiosity as starting points. Our educators embrace these authentic questions, creating opportunities to deepen children’s understanding of the world around them. Our goal is to ensure students continue their love for learning and, therefore, enjoy attending school. When they do, the learning naturally happens.

Features of Our Unique Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten Program, the Ontario guiding document which informs programs across the province, will form our core curriculum. This is a Reggio-inspired approach intentionally designed to dovetail with the current Ontario guiding document for the early years, How Does Learning Happen? Literacy, mathematics, science, technology, social studies, the arts, physical and health education are all addressed.

What makes us different?

  • Integrated Arts program led by our in-house Atelierista/Artist-in-Residence,  where children explore paths of academic learning, creative exploration and hands-on discovery through the arts.
  • Strategic use of the Montessori approach, utilizing elements to expand and enhance student proficiency in literacy and mathematics, and in the area of practical life skills.
  • Forest school adventure, one day-weekly onsite in High Park. In snow, rain or shine, students explore the wonders of nature through the seasons. They develop resilience and problem solving skills, connect the learning they do inside the classroom to what they see outside, and stay physically and mentally healthy.
  • An urban gardening program to connect the children’s current learning at forest school to growing and gardening skills at our school. 
    • Full day (8:00am – 5:30pm) and year-round programs (September – August with continuous March Break programming and Summer Programming). Offering increased opportunities for trips within the city and beyond. We require three professional development days per year (Easter Monday, the Friday of Labour Day weekend and Remembrance Day) for our educators to participate in, therefore, our centre is closed on these three days.
    • Low ratio of educators to students 1:10 ratio with a maximum class size of 20 (in a traditional school setting, the ratio is 1:16, but if the class has over 16 students then a second educator must be brought in, resulting in a 1:13 ratio for a maximum class size of 26 children.)
    • Core values of kindness and inclusion where we strive to raise the value of our connections and positive relationships to a greater sum than that of our differences. Children will explore their emotions through our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program, where our focus is on learning self-regulation, empathy and responsible decision-making.
    • Safe environment. We operate under the CCEYA guidelines, meaning we sanitize and clean with maximum diligence. Our classrooms each have hand wash sinks and ensuite washroom facilities. Our centre has two separate HVAC systems with HRVs and HEPA filters to reduce allergens and contagions. A backup generator is installed so if the electrical system fails, we have an added layer of security for your child and convenience for you that they can complete their school day. Security systems and exterior cameras are added safety measures ensure only those who belong in the centre actually gain access. Our students are grouped in smaller pods, and attendance is regulated first using a wellness app, then using a physical temperature and symptom check.