Daycare in Toronto:

High Park & Bloor West

Your child is unique. Their child care centre should be too.

Atelier Kids is redefining early learning education in Toronto. We take our inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We believe each child is born creative, intuitive, resourceful, and has a strong potential for development from a very young age.

Here at Atelier Kids, our program is tailored to the interests of each individual child, and how each child learns.

We believe that great communication, authentic relationships, and the right physical environment lead to happy, confident learners.

Our child care centre is the only one of its kind in Toronto. If you would like to help your child become a curious, capable & creative learner, who will be ready for the future, then take the time to get to know us.

Our educators encourage wonder and exploration

Our educators co-learn and collaborate with each child. Rather than dictating what children will learn, we help them explore so they can create their own knowledge. Through observation, we take the time to understand how each child learns and what interests them.

It is through guidance, the development of ideas, and a sense of adventure that we encourage your child to think independently. We ask questions, inspire curiosity and provide an atmosphere for discovery and learning.

Atelier (Noun): a workshop, studio or laboratory

Our Toronto daycare centre is a place for discovery, experimentation and creation. Ours is an environment conceived to fuel your child’s imagination, allowing them to create, encounter, connect and dream without limits. Children use various materials to explore their creativity, and experiment with light and shadow to spark their curiosity.

At Atelier Kids, each learning area is an active workshop where children are involved with a variety of activities and experiences that they have chosen with teachers and peers. The swirl in our emblem echoes the circular path of learning that’s intrinsic to building lifelong learners.

Our new home in Bloor West Village

Making a smooth transition to kindergarten

Our programs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of Italy and follow the inquiry-based curriculum document “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”, outlined by the Ministry of Education. This ensures an optimal transition into the Ontario school system.

Rhythm in Nature

Our daycare centre is located in Toronto’s Bloor West Village, a short walk away from High Park. So much is based on the natural world, and providing these opportunities for our earliest citizens to engage and respect the environment seems like a great place to start. Our Bienenstock-designed playground was created to get kids outside to explore fallen logs, sandboxes, planting gardens, tree stumps with lots of room to roam freely.