Tuition & Funding

How Can I Pay for Tuition?

Atelier Kids is committed to accessible education in our community for the benefit of students and their families. We accept all major credit cards to make it convenient and worry-free for our families.

How it Works:

Our school is also proud to partner with an amazing company that help parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles pay for their family member’s tuition every time they shop. Higher Ed Points is a Loyalty Points Program that turns transactions into tuition! Rather than redeeming points for merchandise or flights, your loyalty points can go towards education credits, which are accepted by Atelier Kids.

Step 1: Join online for FREE.

Step 2: Redeem points for Higher Ed Points credits that you would normally use for merchandise or discounted flights.

Step 3: Follow the transfer instructions, and your funds will be deposited directly into the student’s account or loan account.

Participating Loyalty Programs:

Aeroplan, TD Travel Rewards or CIBC Rewards

You can collect points wherever these loyalty cards are accepted.

If you aren’t a member of these loyalty programs, you can still fund your child’s education through gift certificates. This is a thoughtful way to help parents and family members pay off their tuition. You can sign up at to start redeeming your points for credits.