It Takes a Village

Parent, Educator & Child Relationships

We believe that when parents, teachers and a community are active and equal partners in education, children are more equipped to focus, grow their creative pursuits and become life-long learners.


Must respond to children’s ideas and interests with respect and enthusiasm.


Educators need to trust that children are interested in things worth knowing about.


Educators need to trust, value and view parents as partners and members of a cooperative educational team. Mutual respect is critical to children’s ideas and interests with respect and enthusiasm.

The Result?

A wonderful learning environment that is a great fit for both adults and children.

The continuous wheel of learning

For children, life is like a continuous wheel where learning happens fluidly between home, daycare, and community. Every moment is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to create. At Atelier Kids, educators and parents work together to create a continuous learning environment for children.

How we support parents

We value our parents’ role as the primary facilitators of their child’s development and encourage active participation. We strive to help children respect and appreciate diversity by fostering understanding and acceptance of differing beliefs, values and traditions.