The Talk of the Taste | September 2018



The Toronto-Bloor West tradition of outdoor eating and entertainment continued this year with the annual Taste of the Kingsway. How could we resist being a part of this end-of-summer-spectacle which spotlights international cuisine in our family-focused community?

Atelier of Taste

Atelier Kids Early Learning & Care transformed into its own ‘Atelier of Taste’ as we celebrated food and its origins by planting seeds and through the playful activity of mixing, sorting, and imaginative discovery in our on-site kitchen! And thanks to our Atelier Kids caterer, Real Food for Real Kids, we had yummy zucchini and carrot muffins on hand to share with the many children in attendance. Oh, how we all wished there were some leftovers!

The seed planting station in our booth was packed as the children explored the provocation, “Where Does Our Food Come From?”. The kids loved playing in the dirt and carefully selecting seeds to place in the soil.

Taking part in the process of selecting the seeds and proper planting and watering helped reinforce that we are a part of something bigger where the sun, the rain and our care for the seeds will affect their growth.

Creating a label for their newly planted seeds was an engaging final touch as they could really make their mark on their creation. They proudly marched off into the day with newly planted seeds in hand


“But we must not forget that one of the most important links between people and food is the principle of pleasure; the pleasure that derives from using the senses but also the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of manipulating raw materials to create foods, the pleasure of play and the pleasure of company, which at the table becomes conviviality.”
— ‘The Languages of Food Recipes, Experiences, Thoughts’ by Reggio Children

Our kitchen provided an environment of creativity where the children could explore, “What Can I Make in This Kitchen?”. We set out various loose parts like coloured stones, yarns, wooden cubes, and smooth rocks coupled with cooking tools, utensils, pots and pans, bowls, and a tablecloth for the setting. The children had the ingredients for delightful dishes fit for any imagination! We marvelled at the attention to detail and the combination of ‘flavours’ they developed in these wonderfully imaginative culinary delights!

“It’s the experience of food, rather than the feeding of children . . .”

Mealtime at Atelier Kids is a time where food is intentionally and thoughtfully presented. The children may choose to set the table or gather greenery for a table setting where the overall emphasis is on the experience of gathering as a group to share in a meal together, among friends.

Our involvement in the Taste of the Kingsway was so important to us as members of the Bloor West community, sharing in the joy of food from its roots-to-table approach. We look forward to providing a daycare option in the Bloor West community based on caring for your children as if they were members of our own family, the Atelier Kids family.