Atelier Kids – November 2018 Newsletter

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Atelier Kids is your source for everything childcare. We believe each child is born creative, intuitive, resourceful, and with a strong potential for development from a very young age.

We want to share with you our progress in developing the centre, provide insights into innovative storybooks and toys, share creative ideas from our atelier, and give a shout-out to a community event that’s likely to pique your interest.

We’re glad you’re here…




Brick-by-Brick: The building of our centre




We’re working on the outside AND the inside at Atelier Kids Early Learning & Care!
As you observe the construction in its developing stages, the progress is obviously moving quickly now. With all three floors in place and the roof and plumbing progressing smoothly, we are on track for our Spring/Summer 2019 Opening. Our Leadership Team is hard at work, too, as we dig into the assembly of structures for our imaginative play areas. If you visited us at the St. Joe’s Toronto West Halloween Fest, you had a sneak peek at the hand-crafted play structure that served as a kitchen! We continue to develop ideas, enhance our awareness of current educational practices, and throw in a power-tool-or-two for some real building…brick-by-brick!




AK Curiosity Corner

Miximal by Lucas Zanotto
This beautifully designed die-cut book features Zanotto’s colorful animals. By mixing and matching different letters and pictures, children learn animal names, spelling, and pronunciation. Young (pre)readers will love to play with the animal characters in this interactive design as they learn to spell while choosing between hundreds of possible silly animal combinations.







(check out this animation inspired by the book:
PLUS! Bandimal, Loopimal and Drawnimal
We also LOVE these apps by Zanotto.  Serving as a first-touch into the world of sequencing for your child, this set of pre-literacy apps addresses the on-going challenge to educationally engage young learners.
“It’s a fail-safe kit for creation!”
— Lucas Zanotto, creator of Yatatoys.








In the Atelier

At Atelier Kids, it’s here, “In the Atelier“, that we peek into the studio and explore the type of provocations that even at home, you can create and discover. As promised from last month’s e-news, here’s how to create treasures from your own everyday explorations in mark-making.
In Reggio, it’s not about the art, it’s about providing children with the tools to express their ideas, to share what they are thinking, doing, feeling, learning, and experiencing.
I can’t wait to open the doors to the atelier with you!   — joan.







Community Spotlight:

High Park Christmas Celebration Event

in the park
Sunday, 02 December 2018 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Meet Santa from 1:00-2:00pm as he checks his reindeer in the High Park Zoo
Grenadier Patio from 2:00-5:00pm
– Visit Santa 2:00 –4:30pm
– Make a Decoration with the High Park program groups
– Hot Chocolate, Marshmallow Roast & Cookies
– Sing along
– Tree Lighting at 5:00 pm






photo credits: Alison Randall, Bernadette Testani, Joan C. Bowman