Atelier Kids is your source for everything childcare. We believe each child is born creative, intuitive, resourceful, and with a strong potential for development from a very young age.

We want to share with you our progress in developing the centre, provide insights into innovative storybooks and toys, share creative ideas from our atelier, and give a shout-out to a community event that’s likely to pique your interest.

We’re glad you’re here…

Outside of Atelier kids daycare
Inside of Atelier kids daycare

The details are not the details, they make the design… – Charles Eames
Every detail at Atelier Kids certainly does make the design; the design we’ve intended and to the level we expect. Our efforts to create an environment that is welcoming, calm, and current in its design is a project we work at intensely and with esteemed local professionals like the designers at Hiatus Design in the Junction. Interior Designer, Dana Kosich works with our team poring over cabinetry finishes, hardware options, and countertop samples as we consider, not just the look and texture but, the mood of the environment we are creating for the children and our staff. No surface is left untouched as we consider the best paint finishes for the walls to ensure ease of cleaning, flooring with enough texture to prevent slipping, and we’re even thinking about sound and how the ceiling materials may affect the ambience of the rooms.  The image above is just ideas we are considering – not actuality…yet!

One step at a time, right? Our steel fabricated double-staircase will eliminate crowding and provide a safe, secure means for entry and exit to and from floor-to-floor and our entryway.  The drywall arrived today and next week, we meet with the playground designers. So much is happening as the wheels of this process consistently move forward.

Moving forward is a recurring theme as we continue to build our team of educators. Our search yielded great results as we worked through traditional social media channels and through active sourcing of candidates which has allowed us to assemble a high calibre list of prospective candidates. Group interviews will start in early June and our final selections will take place in July and August after an extensive reference checking process.

Our Team is coming together day-by-day and the preparations inside and out are taking place at a feverish pace; together as we build Atelier Kidsbrick-by-brick!

AK Curiosity Corner

Neither by Airlie Anderson

A sweet story of acceptance for all those who are this, that, neither, either, and everything in between.
“Once upon a time, there were two kinds: this and that”: blue bunnies and yellow birds, with no other options. Until one day, an unusual egg hatches something that’s a bit of both . . .

Inside the Atelier: 

Joan C. Bowman, Atelierista

Bringing art into our everyday lives and exploring simple moments with new eyes need not be a daunting task. So many parents I speak with feel intimidated by the process of art and taking a hands-on approach with exploring new materials. So, how about trying some simple sidewalk chalk to get your feet wet?  Use your environment as a guide…is your little one learning gross motor skills like walking, jumping, hopping?  Draw a meandering path of circles on the smooth pavement and vary the distance between them to encourage different types of steps they’re capable of taking . Bumpy sidewalks? How about using those bumps as a way to explore texture and pattern. Use the grid-like pattern on the playground as a moment to create dozens of tiny masterpieces like the art pictured above! The main thing to remember is to simply use your eyes, open your mind, and see with your heart. The art you make with sidewalk chalk may not be an archival masterpice but, more importantly, a lovely memory of an activity shared.  joan.

Community Spotlight:

Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival in High Park
Car-Free High Park begins May 4 at 7:00am

Every year, thousands of visitor flock to High Park for this annual tradition of observing the cherry blossom blooming. At this writing, according to the High Park Nature Centre, the buds are currently at a stage 3 or 4 and should be in full bloom within 4-5 days. Visit @HighParkNC or click the image for some suggested do’s and dont’s for enjoying the cherry blossom festival.

“It is true, as they say, that the blossoms of spring are all the more precious because they bloom so briefly” — The Tale of Gengi

Insight into Pedagogy: 
Alison Randall, Pedagogista

Check your mailbox today for “Neighbours of Bloor West Village“. This issue, I share ways in which we can “Get out in the Community” and enjoy the neighbourhood’s diverse offerings. Our community partners at the High Park Nature Centre and the Toronto Public Library both have some not-to-be-missed family opportunities. And while you’re out exploring the community, stroll by the centre at 15 Oakmount for a peek at our amazing progress.   — alison.