Preschool Podcast Featuring Bernadette Testani of Atelier Kids


Our Atelier Kids Head of School, Bernadette Testani is featured on this week’s Preschool Podcast on the HiMama Early Childhood Education blog. Click the image above to hear a great interview that highlights the core components of the process as we build the Reggio Emilia-inspired, premiere early learning centre of Atelier Kids and seek out the exceptional educators we’d like to work with.

…” I came to realize and understand the huge need for childcare, but more importantly the huge need for quality childcare.”

…”those qualities that make us successful are not things like being able to recite and rote learning, but it’s more things like communication skills, collaboration skills resiliency, creativity.”

…“this is what I should be focusing on, not necessarily what I’ve been told in the past, which is traditional play-based daycare.”  

…”So if you look at the Reggio pedagogy and you look at creating an environment for staff, all of those things about creating an ideal learning environment for children, you actually can take those principles and create an ideal environment for staff as well. So in terms of listening to one another, in terms of being democratic, in terms of allowing people space to learn and to make mistakes.”

Read the Full Transcript HERE

Atelier Kids, your Reggio-inspired Toronto Childcare where High Park is our playground.

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