“Ancestor Rocks” – Every Child Matters


“To the Indigenous, rocks are seen as ‘living ancestors’…they possess an energy, a spiritual energy and are often called ‘ancestor rocks’. Rocks are seen as symbols of permanence and resiliency…they are here on earth forever.”
~ Meaghan Salisbury, educator
Métis Nation of Ontario,
from the Georgian Bay Métis community.
🧡 At Atelier Kids, we believe it only takes one tiny step at a time to create something meaningful, and to work toward progress.
Our four classrooms of toddlers and preschoolers have been able to experience the impact that their one little fingerprint can make toward change.
As an analogy for making change in our attitudes toward Indigenous and their land, and to emphasize that Every Child Matters, we have been working on a centre-wide exploration to support the nation-wide effort of honouring the upcoming National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.
We are learning to move from being allies, — settlers who listen and learn, — to being accomplices, — settlers who listen, learn, and advocate for change.
Join us as we share our effort to keep learning, to keep connecting, and to keep trying to educate children for a better, more just, future.