Our families got that chance to celebrate the grand opening of our new 4-season studio – a world of wonder and exploration! Our outdoor sanctuary ignites children’s senses and creativity throughout the year, supporting their holistic development.

This studio was built to allow the kids to be able to delve into hands-on projects, stimulating more than just literacy and numeracy skills – but also to nurturing curiosity, social-emotional regulation and problem-solving. Children are able to collaborate on exciting investigations, documenting their discoveries and sharing their learning.

Our studio links directly to our urban garden, immersing children in the wonder of nature and food. This connection cultivates an appreciation for the environment and promotes healthier eating habits.

Experience the magic of our learning spaces for yourself. Meet our dedicated team and see how we foster a love of exploration, problem solving and creativity. Schedule your tour today! Contact us at info@atelierkids.com or 416.604.2442.