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Life at Atelier Kids

Atelier Kids is changing the face of childcare in Toronto. We have created a culture where our educators share a sense of purpose and excitement for what we are building.

Do you hope for passion in your profession? We do too! Imagine…

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  • working in a calm and natural space where you can move away from being an authoritarian and disciplinarian and become someone that marvels at how much a child can understand and is capable of.
  • your role as being one that works alongside children in learning with them rather than keeping the children entertained at pre-programmed activities determined months or years before you ever knew the child.
  • following an educational philosophy that fully engages the child and allows learning to unfold in its own time rather than hyper-scheduling children through an arbitrary regimen filled with needless transitions.
  • being given personal design time during the week to reflect on the childrens learnings, consult with colleagues, and then able to return to the classroom refreshed.
  • working with like-minded colleagues who enjoy creating and collaborating to make their careers and work environments healthy places

We are now hiring for educators! Click here RECE Job Post Apr 2022 for a job description. Atelier Kids welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

This is Atelier Kids

A Letter from our Head of School

Like children, we as educators feel the need to grow.  We need to keep exploring and learning.  To facilitate this, Atelier Kids provides on-going training in the Reggio Emilia philosophy through a custom program created by some of the top minds in Ontario. Encouragement is also provided by the senior leaders that are very knowledgeable and deeply passionate about the Reggio Emilia philosophy. 

We also support developing strong relationships with the parents and provide many fun opportunities to strengthen these ties.  As we reside in a wonderful multicultural and vibrant community, many opportunities to liaise and participate will unfold throughout the year.

If you can imagine yourself in this type of environment, tell us why you think you would be right for us and if you are up to the challenge of changing the status quo.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Bernadette Testani
Head of School
Atelier Kids