Where we play

Inside Atelier Kids – a space for children to experiment

A home is a warm, welcoming place where you can just be yourself. ‘Home’ is the inspiration behind our new location in the heart of High Park. We kept some of the charm of this early 20th Century home,  while still injecting our Reggio-inspired touch into every corner. Natural materials complement a modern aesthetic.

In the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the environment is considered the 3rd teacher. What does this mean for your child? Everything about our school is deliberate. Natural and wooden toys, lack of clutter and light-filled rooms create a relaxed environment where children feel at ease in putting their own unique stamp on their surroundings.

Our daycare playground is a miniature park and High Park is a short walk away

Atelier Kids' Outside Diagram By Bienenstock-designed

Will my child get an opportunity to play outside?

Absolutely! So much is based on the natural world and providing opportunities, for our earliest citizens to engage and respect the environment, seems like a great place to start. Our Bienenstock-designed playground was created to get kids outside to explore fallen logs, sandboxes, planting gardens, tree stumps with lots of room to roam freely. Our proximity to High Park and other community parks in Toronto creates boundless opportunities to experience the outdoors through every season.

Outside of Atelier Kids Childcare Centre in Toronto By Bienenstock-designed
Egg-Drum on Soil by Bienenstock-designed playground in Atelier Kids
Stump Table In Sand by Bienenstock-designed playground in Atelier Kids
Cabinets-Web formatted For Gardening Tools In Atelier Kids
Mural Panel In Atelier Kids Childcare Centre
Activity Table By Bienenstock-designed playground in Atelier Kids